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Nylon winter hammock sock

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Nylon Hammock Sock with SEEP – Weighs 10.5oz Fits all gathered end hammocks, except those with a bottom entry. Made with breathable nylon.

This sock opens along one side, at the edge of the hammock, using the SEEP (Side Entry/Exit Portal). The SEEP is an overlapping top with a full length opening. The sock is completely covered by the overlapping top. Use the Sock by itself, or put an UnderQuilt inside. The non-insulated Sock will add more warmth than you would imagine. Since it encloses the entire hammock, it eliminates edge gaps that allow cold air to spill in. It is a ‘micro climate’, water resistant, wind proof cover. It is easier to get in and out of this sock than any other! $150 for a non-insulated Nylon Hammock Sock with SEEP

Nylon Hammock Sock with Dutch SEEP
Add a lower panel to the SEEP, suspended with shock cord, which provides an overlapping closure. The upper portion of the SEEP is shortened accordingly. $20 to add a nylon Dutch SEEP

QTY: MMG Hammock Sock with SEEP – $150

QTY: MMG Hammock Sock with Dutch SEEP – $170.00

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IX Hammock Sock with Dutch SEEP from Molly Mac Gear

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