Shug hikes the Kekekabic/Snowbank Trail BWCA

Hey everyone – this is Shadowalpha. Wanted to share a few new Shug videos with you. This past week Shugemery shared his adventure on the Kekekabic/Snowbank Trail BWCA.

I’m a subscriber to many active Youtube channels and noticed Shug uploaded about four videos on his YouTube channel this week from his recent solo hike.

Shug starts off by talking about the importance of a map & compass when out on the trail. The steps he takes to protect his food with a Ursack bear bag.

While setting up camp Shug shared a little about some of the gear he was using on this trip. In the video below he attaches his hammock tree straps with Dutch clips and is keeping his head warm with a MountainGoat Hat! Woooo Buddy!

Here’s the other videos from Shug’s Kek Trek
Shug’s Kek Trek 2012 Part 1
Shug’s kek Trek 2012 Part 3
Shugs Kek Trek 2012 Finale

Eating good with some Hawk Vittles and Pack-it gourmet foods! Yum :)

Shug glad the knee is doing better (take some Vit I) and also happy to see we didn’t have to send a SAR team out for you. Looks like you had a good time in the woods on this hike. Beautiful scenery & trails. Thank you for taking us along on your adventure!



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